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Search. Everywhere.

The intelligent Open Source Search Engine

OpenK9 is a complete Cognitive Enterprise Search solution that fits all your needs. Powerful, Modern and Flexible, it employs Machine Learning to enrich your data and give the best experience possible.


Using Machine Learning algorithms, such as Named Entity Recognition and Image Understanding, OpenK9 is able to enrich any kind of document with domain-specific information, useful for your search.

Cloud Oriented

Cloud Oriented

OpenK9 is a Cloud Oriented solution. Flexible, fast and easy to integrate in your K8S IT architecture, it allows you to generate new business opportunities at scale.



Our solution for Enterprise Search Experience is built to scale with ease, both for data and users, easily managing small document databases, complex architectures and everything in between.

Fast and Usable

Fast and Usable

OpenK9 is designed for speed to improve User Experience, giving results in real time as soon as the user starts typing in the search bar.


Enrich and Index your Data

Our modern and scalable architecture provides a pipeline for data ingestion, enrichment and indexing. Every part of the pipeline can easily scale to handle massive amount of data.

OpenK9 Architecture

Instant Search, everywhere

OpenK9 can handle lots of different data sources with different plugins. Search inside documents, emails, contacts, calendar events and even applications in an instant.

Token–based Search

Structured or Unstructured queries

Search using both fuzzy queries with free text and precise boolean tokens with domain–specific entities. Build your own entities and predicates using plugins.

Admin panel

Monitor and configure from a single panel

OpenK9 Administration Panel allows you to set up a new search environment in minutes. Tweak and monitor every part of the search system at a glance.


Powerful. Extensible. Open.

OpenK9, thanks to its open architecture, offers a set of powerful features to build your own customized search system.


OpenK9 is a multi-tenant solution. This allows you to consolidate and allocate resources efficiently and access additional capacity when needed. It reduces the need for individual users to manage upgrades and maintenance.


Our solution leverages OSGi to build a pluggable architecture to ingest data from multiple sources, enrich data with domain–specific knowledge and build a searchable knowledge graph.


Our Enterprise Search Experience solution is fully extendable and customizable to fit all your needs, through ready-for-use plugins and reusable UI components.


Using our headless API, OpenK9 allows easy development of every type of custom applications, such as mobile apps, speech interfaces and even analytics and data visualization.

Fine UX

You are going to love OpenK9 from the very first use: enjoy the refined and polished design, the simple and intuitive interface and live a satisfying experience, whether you’re a beginner or an expert user.


Don't like Java? TypeScript or Python fan? We got you covered. With our open architecture you are free to develop plugins in your language of choice, using also our examples as starting point.


Discover our solutions

Self–host your own instance of the OpenK9 search engine on–premise for free, using the community edition, or use the incoming enterprise version with support and more features. Don't want to host your own? Stay tuned for our incoming SAAS offer.



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All community features plus:
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All enterprise features plus:
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